AP smart pulse survey 2016

AP smart pulse survey is a mission started by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The main objective of the mission is to collect all the details of the people in the state. The details like economic condition, social condition, wealth and welfare of each and every person will be collected. Every individual can get the details from www.prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in. This AP smart pulse survey will be conducted in 43 Mandal’s which are categorised into 8 zones. Nearly 30,000 municipal and revenue staffs are involved for the Socio-Economic survey in AP. The survey would nearly collect 1.48 crores household details. A tab is given to every officer to enter the details of the individuals. The praja sadhikara survey in AP will be conducted from 9 AM to 6 PM, with a 1hr lunch break. Every officer should collect details of 500 families, means nearly 14 families every day, 75 types of details are collected about every individual and nearly it takes 20 min to complete the details about one family.

Socio-Economic survey in AP

The state government has appointed Senior IAS officer, who previously served as a nodal officer for 13 Districts. This complete survey is under the control of the IAS officer. The Software for Socio-Economic Survey in AP is generated by Eccentric, and this is managed by Oracle. The AP socio-economic household survey is divided into 2 phases. The first phase of the program is started from 08.07.2016 and completed on 31. 07.2016. The second phase of this program will be conducted in August from 06.08.2016 till 14.08.2016. The details about this program are available in www.prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in. The details provided by the citizens in the form of various proofs like aadhar card, Driving licence, vote card, current bill, etc. are not enough to provide various schemes to the individuals. So, the government has decided to make a clear view of every individual and started this AP socio-economic household survey. Depending upon the report if this survey, the government was ready to improve some of the required schemes and make changes accordingly.  This AP smart pulse survey will also collect the details of handicapped individuals.

Andhra Pradesh smart pulse survey

If the individuals do not have aadhaar cards the impressions of finger prints are collected and aadhar card will be issued to the candidates. The questions will be nearly about various proofs that are to be submitted to the government. Individuals can get details about this survey from official site www.prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in. Some of the details collected in this Andhra Pradesh smart pulse survey like Aadhar number, vote card number, etc., will help the government to cross check the present data. To make the surveyors understand the functioning of the software, classes are being conducted for them. AP people can download the sample application form of this Praja Sadhikara Survey. To overcome the problems faced by the officers during this survey, the original software of the version 2 and has been updated to version 2.4.

prajasadhikara survey in AP

The work should be done from Monday to Friday by the appointed officials. If the house of the individual is locked, the officer should collect the details on Saturday or Sunday, according to the convenience. The details provided will be updated automatically into the website. The details about prajasadikara survey in AP will be filled in tabs. This data will be submitted to State Data Centre (SDC) located in Hyderabad. The submission of the data should be made time to time. If there is no network in the area, then the officer should submit the entire data in the evening. The data from Hyderabad will be later transferred to Andhra Pradesh. With this AP smart pulse survey, the government can get the details about educated unemployed in each state and the statics of women in Andhra radish. This makes the government improve its facilities in the required field. The details about various caste and sub-caste status can also be known.    

The proofs which are asked by the surveyors are listed below.

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Voter id
  • Property tax
  • Electricity bill
  • Driving licence
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Gas book
  • Bank account book
  • Physically handicapped certificate
  • Water bill
  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Kisan card
  • Pinchan document proof
  • Employment exchanges job card
  • Dwakra holder card
  • Birth certificate
  • Scholarship details

Important details about AP socio-economic household survey

  • 30,000 officers are working all over the state to collect various details of every individual.
  • Every officer should work from 9 AM to 6 PM with the 1Hr lunch break.
  • Every officer should collect details of 500 families.
  • About 1Lakh tabs are distributed over the state to complete this survey.
  • Details regarding 75 questions are collected from each person.
  • The details about handicapped and their lively hood are also gathered.
  • The status of women in Andhra radish can also be know.
  • Everyone in the state should support this survey.
  • Depending upon the survey results the government will increase its facilities to the people, in required areas.
  • This application was developed by eccentric, and it is managed by Oracle.
  • Due to many problems in downloading the app, it is updated from version 2 to version 2.4.
  • The data entered into the tablet will be directly registered in State Data Centre (SDC) located in Hyderabad and later it will be transferred to AP.

Smart Pulse Survey in AP Official Website

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