Valentine Week List 2017 Date Sheet Dress Code colors Ideas

Valentine Week List 2017

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is observed across the globe on 14th February every year celebrated in the remembrance of the Christian Saint who have performed illegal weddings to the soldiers in Rome. As the Valentines Day 2017 is fast approaching so, those who are planning for the 7 days of valentine week can observe the following prevalent Valentine Week List 2017 for the whole week that leads to 14th February. Everyone who likes to celebrate this much awaited day prepare to have a romantic prolonged Valentines week for those here we are providing the details of the valentines Date Sheet 2017 which starts from 7th February 2017. Most of the people who celebrate this occasion are very much concern about the Valentine’s Day dress code which represents their status quo. The valentine day dress colors meaning has a significance in determining ones mood and can convey message to him or her. Those who are in baffling on what to wear one can follow the Valentine’s day dress code and color code meanings that are provided below so, make best selection that goes well for you.

Valentines date sheet 2017

Here is the Valentine week list 2017 or Valentines week

7 February 2017Rose DaySaturday
8 February 2017Propose DaySunday
9 February 2017Chocolate DayMonday
10 February 2017Teddy DayTuesday
11 February 2017Promise DayWednesday
12 February 2017Hug DayThursday
13 February 2017Kiss DayFriday
14 February 2017VALENTINE’S DAYSaturday
valentine week list 2017
valentine week list 2017

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Rose Day: Rose Day is the first day of Valentine Week. This day all Lovers welcome one another with radiant red roses. You can Take your love partner to the nostalgic supper or send him or her best Greeting Cards.

Propose Day: You can propose to the young lady/ kid on Propose Day that you really like. This is the privilege and prominent day to express your emotions, disseminate fellowship, propose marriage to your partner and give unprecedented favors like cards or sprouts.

Chocolate Day: This day is devoted to the chocolates, Greet your girl or boy with the chocolate and an impressive card. Its warm sweetness will doubtlessly improve the appeal in your connection and build your mates Libido.

Teddy Day: Don’t neglect to send a teddy bear to your lady or love on Teddy Day. Each young lady take pleasure in appreciating you for such a sweet teddy or soft toy, and they generally keep them in their room with sweet great memories.

Promise Day: This day has its own particular significance as one gets the feeling that all is well with the world by accepting loads of promises and responsibilities from one’s love mate. Make some new promises and attempt to satisfy the one you have made earlier to take your relationship to next level.

Kiss Day: On Kiss Day, kiss your young lady or sweetheart to express your adoration. A kiss is the briefest separation somewhere around two and a kiss is something you can’t give without taking and can’t take without giving. In any case keep in mind to consume some mouth freshener!

HUG Day: Now Its Hug Day, Send a warm embrace to your companions and wish them Hug Day. Embrace your accomplice or companion hard. Embraces are a critical representation of love. Simply take it gradual and demonstrate your accomplice that the extent to which you love, care and help him/her.

Valentines Day 2017: Valentines Day is observed on February 14. It is a celebration of one’s emotional attachment for their love and many on this day exchange or share cards, letters, blossoms to their companion or love mate. Show your affection and Express your inner emotions by introducing welcome cards, blooms or presents to your mate or affection accomplice.

Valentine’s Day dress code and color code meanings

Valentine is a very unique event for each one of those individuals who really accept that one can really fall head over heels in love. It is a vital affection occasion that is praised with satisfaction across the countries in North America, Europe and Asia pacific. People in general celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging greetings, quotes and go on vacation to the place they get privacy. One who are serious about the Valentines Day take care about the dress they put on all through the valentine week which can carry your emotions to your mate. Many of them out there never knew or have no idea about the valentine day dress colors meaning here you can get the details of dress codes.

Valentine day dress colors meaning

Dress colorMeaning of color
Blue ColourLove applications Invited
Green ColourI am waiting
Red ColourTwo side, already in love
Black ColourRejected proposal
White ColourSorry dear, I am already booked
Orange ColourGoing to propose
Pink ColourProposal accepted
Grey/Purple ColourNot interested, better luck next time
Yellow ColourBroke up
Brown ColourBroken hearts

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