How to get good marks in exam?

Hello friends! Feeling tensed about your exam? Feeling puzzled about how to prepare for the exam. Don’t worry here we are giving How to get good marks in exam.  Many students are feeling tense in last moments so we are giving tips and tricks to score good marks. Here we are giving tips to become topper in SSC board exams. Follow these tips and get good marks in exams

Tips to become topper in SSC board exams

We all have fear about exams. Especially 10th class students, as SSC is the milestone in their career, so they are facing many pressures, warnings in their real time. Here we are giving How to get good marks in exam and in each subject. We had given tips and tricks to score good marks in each subject. Most of the students will be afraid of mathematics and science, so we had given study tips to get high marks and easy steps to get good marks. For students who wake up at last moment, we had given last minute preparation tips to get good marks.

Easy steps to get good marks

This plan is applicable for six months before exams. This Best tips to get good Marks not only applicable for SSC or Board Exams, if you follow it truly it will help to get good score in Intermediate, Engineering, Competitive Exams like Bank and Government jobs. 

  • Make a study plan– This is important to get good marks. First take a chart note down all subjects on a chart. Mark your tough subject with red pen
  • Divide and rule Allot some time to every subject but give more time to your tough subject
  • Mark your syllabus– take a printout of every subject syllabus and stick it on chart
  • Daily hunt read one topic from the hard subject and two topics from the easy subject and next day revise previous day’s topics, so calculate your time according to that topic.
  • Doubts are enemies: when reading one topic, you will definitely get doubts, mark that doubt and ask your teachers and friends. Maintain a book for every doubt, note all your doubts in your book. Don’t get relaxed until your doubts are solved
  • Don’t by-heart– Don’t by heart everything. Please try to understand about the topic. Imagine everything like a story. Then you no need to revise again
  • Don’t be lazy: Don’t neglect even one day. Study daily, learning should become habit but not hobby
  • Exams: You are learning the subject, and you should also learn how to perform in exams. In my view, if preparation has 60% role, the presentation will have 40% role. So presentation is very important in exams
  • Success: if you follow in this manner definitely success will follow you
How to get good Marks in Exam
How to get good Marks in Exam

Last minute preparation tips to get good marks

Many of students will neglect their studies at beginning and start preparing at last moment and worrying about How to get good marks in exam. For them, we are giving last minute preparation tips to get good marks.

  • Calculate your time: don’t open your books just one day before the exam. It is really a bad habit. Just try to open at least 1 week before exam
  • Make a study chart: write all your subjects and hard copy of your topics and start reading. Read at least 10 topics per day in every day. I know it is very difficult, but you have to do that.
  • Make a story: Just make a story of every topic whether it is maths, science, social just read like a story
  • Time is precious: Don’t waste the even single minute. Spend every moment for reading, wake up early and start reading
  • Free from tension: At last moment every person will feel tensed. Please overcome from that mood. Don’t think How to get good marks in exam, just prepare as you like. You can get one point for one minute. So every minute will be calculated
  • Performance: For last minute preparing students performance plays a vital role in exams, so give quality presentation
  • Success: If you perform this method correctly you can score good marks in exams

Tips to overcome examination fear

  • Just think about exams but not about results
  • Develop positive attitude. Think that you can write anything in exams
  • Do some meditation, it will help you
  • Take some breaks, don’t study continuously
  • Take proper food
  • Avoid people with heavy anxiety. My advice is, don’t talk to any friend, just prepare and write your exam. No need of talking with others. If you are doing combine studies just talk about subject but not about performance in exam. Just stop worrying about How to get good marks in exam
  • Examination is not end point, Keep that issue in mind
  • Perform your examination in a pleasant manner if you know the answer write it happily, if you don’t know answer, write what you know on paper happily

Examinations are only to test knowledge but not to decide our life