Narendra Modi Government to Hire 2.2 Lakh Central Employees

Viewers..!!! Narendra Modi has announced the great news that from March 1, 2015 but the present stage to next future, they want to generate 2.2 Lakh Central Employees. Narendra Modi’s great believe is that Government as no business to do business, by this the concept of Minimum Government Maximum Governance was brought up our PM. Everyone are thinking that Maximum Governance difficult pin down. So, that was absolutely wrong with a strong will our Prime Minister has declared that two lakh central employees over a period of two years by the fresh recruitments. As he had said in Hindi that Achhe Din under Modi Government for generating employment that was declared by BJP Party in the election manifesto PM has given the statement that there will be more priority for Job Creation.

Narendra Modi Government has brought the Employment

In this present situation there is a qualitative Government, but there is no qualitative Governance. The Main of Modi is to provide employment than facilities for the people, which help them to survive for their basic needs. So many candidates are suffering due to lack for Job opportunities. So, it is declared that Modi Government is set to add more than two lakh central Employees over a period of two years from March 1. 2015. Narendra Modi last month while addressing the nation in the 18th edition of his Mann Ki Baat programme, he has said that it is a great potential of employment generation through Tourism. According to present scenario the youth are flying in the air and very curious to travel for new opportunities. Even in the Modi governance, he has given a chance for the women to become an Entrepreneur with 0% loans. The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has proposed Small and Medium shops to open through week on voluntary basis as part of simplification of rules for the sector. Whatever the concept is but the ultimate aim is to generate the employment only.    

Focus on Job Creation by PM Modi

By focusing mainly on the Job Creation, there is more importance in developing the industries. The Central Government Actual Staff on March 1, 2015 was 33.05 lakh that was continuously increasing to 34.93 lakh in the year 2016 i.e. present. It is an estimation that by March 1st, 2017 35.23 Central Employees. By including various departments like Railways, that has not added a single worker to its strength of 1326437 in last 3 years along with defence forces. There will be more increase in Revenue department of 70000 that includes income tax and excise followed by central paramilitary forces, projected to rise with 47000. The personnel ministry of government staff added 1800 jobs in last two years, the urban development ministry 6000, mines ministry 4399 and department of space 100. A lot of new opportunities for Group B and C categories are going to be filed in later year. Fascinated candidates towards central government jobs there are more six lakh posts according to the personnel ministry. The government is desperately glimpsing to fill the vacancies through official process and the entire B & C category will be mostly filled. Massive candidates with Massive Employment opportunities will meet the desire of Modi Government as well as Emoployees.