Reasoning Shortcuts 

Reasoning Shortcuts for bank Exams and competitive examinations were given below. Students can follow these Reasoning tips and tricks and prepare well for the Exam. In our site we have given the Reasoning shortcut tricks for input output method, Seating arrangement shortcuts, syllogism, series, age problems etc. Check the Reasoning shortcuts below.

Bank exams Tricks to crack

Are you afraid of solving reasoning section in the exam? Here we have given the best Reasoning shortcuts to crack the Bank exam or any competitive examination. Follow the Reasoning tips and tricks for verbal and non verbal reasoning. We know that in every competitive exam there is one section for Reasoning. Mostly, Lakhs of people were preparing for Bank examination in which there is definitely having one section of Reasoning for 50 or 40 Marks. Based on the Cadre of the posts like Clerk, Probationary Officer and Specialist Officer Level of Reasoning will be changed. What we need to do crack the examination is practice only. We don’t know who said that phrase “Practice makes man perfect” but is it definitely true. If you practice hard and have confidence about your hard work then Job is yours. Whatever the exam may be and whatever the job may be, through this Reasoning tips and tricks you can crack the exam.

Bank exams Tips to crack

We know that heavy competition is there and it is not easy to cross all the rounds in the selection process. The first thing is you have to qualify in the examination. Follow the Reasoning shortcuts for Bank exams to help you. Time management is main thing in every one’s life to reach their aims. We have given the time management tips for Bank exam section wise. We have also given the Reasoning shortcut tricks for all the syllabus of verbal and non verbal. Many were got confusion in seating arrangement, check the Reasoning seating arrangements shortcuts which helps you to identify easily.  Follow the shortcuts for Reasoning Input output method to solve it in less time. Candidates should have to know how to categories the topic and spend the time accordingly. Follow the Reasoning shortcuts for bank exams to crack the section in less time. Check the Reasoning tips and tricks to admit more number of questions.

Reasoning Shortcuts for Bank Exams:

Age Problems:

Simple thing to solve the age problems is step in to the shoes of the subject. You should imagine that person is you are and calculate. At least one question will be asked from this topic.


Never learn any formula for the number series or series test, because all the series is not same and won’t follow the any formulae. Just try to find a pattern in the series and solve it. If you observe it clearly, you can have clue to solve. Practice more bits in series, you can crack this topic easily

Reasoning seating arrangements shortcuts

In seating arrangements, questions will be having in five arrangements

Single row, Double row, Circular With facing centre, Circular with facing inside and outside, Rectangular arrangements

Draw the line or circle and follow the instructions clearly. If the arrangement is not correct we have to lose all the five or four marks for questions.

Persons sitting in two CIRCLE or RECTANGLE or SQUARE facing away from centre:
Seated to the left = Take Anti-clockwise direction
Seated to the right = Take clockwise direction

Normally, we will be tempted to solve the questions by picking up point by point, but it is not correct. We should be careful in selecting the points to solve the puzzle by searching for definite information.

Reasoning Input output method

Firstly, look output then you have can guess the what type of input it is

Second step is see the input

Third step is see the other step and how the input is formed

Note: We cannot find previous step means if 5th step or 4th step is given and we have to find out 3rd, 2nd and input. Then we cannot find it. So, our answer will be Cannot be determined

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