Sabarimala Darshan online ticket booking:

swamiye saranam ayyappa: Pilgrims can start booking their tickets from online itself. This facility was made by Kerala police where they introduced sabarimala queue booking online Now devotees can make a virtual queue from the system itself. In this article we are giving the details of sabarimala darshan online ticket booking. 

Sabarimala was located in Kerala and it is well known for ayyappan god. Every year 100 millions of devotees visit this Hindu pilgrim. Not only from India but from other countries also devotees visit for this temple. Devotees visit this pilgrim throughout the year. Devotees visit this temple in the time of pooja and mahotsavam. The official committee of the temple will release sabarimala important dates every year. They will clearly mention the complete opening dates and closing dates of pooja and mahotsavam Every year the count of devotees increase. Devotees follow queue lines to visit their sacred god. Every year as the count of devotees increase the maintenance becoming difficult for the Kerala police.

Book Sabarimala Virtual Queue Tickets Online:

The Kerala police and the officials of the temples have planned to start an online booking system. With this system the devotees can book sabarimala queue booking online. With this kind of Sabarimala q tickets booking pilgrims can visit the god without any rush and safely. By this method sabarimala darshan queue booking online even the Kerala police will also have less work to do in managing the pilgrims over queues. Sabarimala darshan queue booking online is now used by many ayyappan devotees and this process of sabarimala booking online was a huge hit

Devotees can visit the official website and book their sabarimala darshan online ticket booking according to the time slot and date also. With the introduction of this sabarimala q tickets booking the rush in the queue was decreased comparatively.  Firstly devotees need to go through sabarimala q tickets registration and enrol themselves with their email address or phone number. After that they need to choose the number of members in group and choose their time slot with date in sabarimala dharshan online ticket booking. Now we will give you entire process of sabarimala queue booking online here.

sabarimala darshan online ticket booking process:


  • If you were already an existing member then you can use your old id and password to login for sabarimala darshan queue booking online.
  • If you are a new member then click on sign up in the official website and enter your email or phone number and password and then click on register.
  • If you used your email then you need to verify it by using the link which is sent to your email.
  • If you used your phone number then a 6 digit code will be sent in form of sums. Then use that code for activation.
  • Once password is confirmed then you are allowed into the website for sabarimala q tickets booking.
  1. USER LOGIN of

  • Click on log in button on your web page
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on login button.

  • Once the bookings are opened then click on search availability.
  • Enter details like number of devotees, month like to visit and time slot preference.
  • You can choose any time or specific time in time slot preference.
  • After entering the details, calendar will be opened where it mentions the details according to the availability of Sabarimala queue tickets booking.
  • You can choose your slot on dates which are mentioned with green mark.
  1. Sabarimala Q BOOKING for Ayyappa Darshan

  • Click on the date you preferred to go.
  • Enter time slot and click on book now.
  • After conforming upload photo id of the number of id’s and upload photo of the person.
  • You can also add devotee by clicking on devotee profiles.
  1. GROUP BOOKING of Sabarimala darshan Queue

  • In user profile page click on my group menu
  • Select the group
  • Add a devotee

Devotees can book their sabarimala queue booking online once the process starts. As the officials said that they will start bookings in the second week of October.

Devotees are here by informed that no other member will be allowed other than those who was mentioned in the booking.

Devotees should visit the temple in time which they booked. If they were not in right time they their booking will be cancelled

Devotees are here by informed to us the official website for their sabarimala virtual queue booking.

Sabarimala Temple Opening & Closing dates 2016-17

Book Sabarimala Q Tickets Online Here


  1. Sabarimala Queue online ticket booking Officially date not released but expected date is 15th (or) 16th october 2014, swamiye saranam ayyappa

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