Sabarimala temple opening dates 2016:

Sabarimala dates 2016 are given below including the sabarimala temple opening dates 2016 and sabarimala temple closing dates 2016 2017. So devotees can check the sabarimala Temple calendar 2016 and plan their devotional trip safely and comfortably.

Sabarimala is a Hindu temple which was located in Kerala. It is well known for the god Ayyappan. It was located over 18 hills. Every year more than 100 million devotees visit here and people across India as well as from overseas visit here in the sabarimala important dates. The devotes not only visit the temple in Sabarimala temple opening dates 2016 but they will visit throughout the year for more details and online ticket booking for Sabarimala Q dharshan visit Devotees visit sabarimala in the time of pooja and also for many other occasions for the ayyappan. The officials of the temple will not allow the pilgrims after sabarimala temple closing dates 2016 2017. The official committee of ayyappan temple release sabarimala dates every year. This year also the officials released the sabarimala dates 2016. It includes all the Sabarimala opening dates 2016, sabarimala closing dates 2016 and sabarimala Temple calendar 2016. In the beginning of the year itself they will announce the complete schedule of the sabarimala dates.

Sabarimala temple Closing dates 2016 2017:

We are now ready to provide the sabarimala dates 2016. The devotees can check the sabarimala Ayyappa Temple opening and closing dates 2016 and plan their devotional trip according to the dates. The officials conduct pooja and mahotsavam every month and between every pooja and mahotsavam they will not allow any devotees to enter the holy pilgrim. Ayyappa devotees can book sabarimala dharshan tickets online in advance from official website Once after the closing date the devotees can enter the temple without any restriction. Now we give you the complete sabarimala dates 2016 for you including the sabarimala opening dates 2016 2017 and sabarimala temple closing dates 2016. The sabarimala Temple calendar 2016 important dates are listed below.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple opening & Closing Dates 2016-17 Year Calendar:

1Sree Chithira Attathirunal07/11/201608/11/2016
2Mandalam season15/11/201627/12/2016
3Mandala Pooja27/12/2016 
4Makaravilakku season29/12/201620/01/2017
5Makaravilakku day14/01/2017 
6Kumbham Monthly Pooja12/02/201717/02/2017
7Sabarimala Utsavam11/03/201721/03/2017
8Kodiyettu day12/03/2017 
9Meenam Monthly Pooja14/03/201719/03/2017
10Painkuni utra aarattu21/03/2017 
11Meda Vishu Festival09/04/201719/04/2017
12Meda vishu14/04/2017 
13Edavam Monthly Pooja14/05/201719/05/2017
14Prathishta uthsav09/06/201710/06/2017
15Midhunam Monthly Pooja14/06/201719/06/2017
16Karkidakam Monthly Pooja16/07/201721/07/2017

Pilgrims can only visit the temple in the given sabarimala dates only. The devotees are allowed into the temple from 4.00 am to 11.00 pm only and during seasons like makaravilakku mahostavam the timings will alter according to the number of devotees.

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