Valentines Day 2017

Valentine’s Day was named after saint valentine who was put in a jail due to religious teachings. After which he fell in love with jailors daughter who was blind. Just before his hangings he cured the blindness of her girl and wrote a letter saying that “from your valentine”. On 14 February he was hanged in the jail so with respect on his love this day was celebrated as valentine day. Every country celebrates this day to show their affection and love towards their affectionate ones. Many proposals would be made and expressed to their loved ones. For those who were already in love will not miss this day as they would enjoy themselves with thappy v dayheir ideas and surprises. In India with the increase in demand towards this day makes it as most popular as well as most celebrated day in terms of couples. Many would share gifts, cards to their beloved ones to show how passionate they were for your love. While some wish their partners and make them feel that you were there for him/ her always. For those who love partying and stuff like that will plan events and other occasions with their partners. This valentines day 2017 was no different from other years where the same love and affection would float in the air throughout the day.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Partners would expect some gifts from you that would stay along with them in future. For those we have given some gift ideas which will help you. We have categorised them into cheap, best and last minute surprises too. Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS, Gift Ideas, Status, Messages here 

 Valentine’s Day gift ideas 

Valentine’s Day plans

Some would love outing with whom they love. They feel it special and would like to express the things which they have kept with themselves. They feel light and stable while enjoying your company with such plans for couples, husbands, boyfriend and girlfriend.

15 Best Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentine’s Day wishes and quotes

It would be amazing if you start your valentine’s day with some good quotes and wishes to your partner. With this you can show your love to your partner. Cute, romantic, best wishes and quotes will definitely be a good idea.

Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentines day 2017

Valentine’s Day whatsapp facebook status

The whole world was moving on the feet of social networking websites. Expressing your love and affection on others through this will make your loved ones feels special and new. Do not forget to do this if you are comfortable at it. Happy Valentines Day 2017

 Valentines Day Status

Valentine’s Day flowers cards poems

Is there any one on this planet who does not like flowers? I think there are no one. It would be so romantic if you wish your boyfriend/ girlfriend through flowers or cards. It would be even more special if you dedicate a poem on him/ her.

Valentines Day Poems

Valentine’s Day images wall papers

Be innovative to show your affection. Expressing your love through images or wall papers will let your partner know that how much you love them. The selection of image should be nice with feel good romantic wall papers.

Valentines Day Images

Valentine’s Day dos and don’ts

It would be good if you would express you love in innovative way and spend some quality time with your partner and much more. But there are some set of dos and don’ts that one has to remember in order not to spoil the event.

 Valentines Day do’s and don’ts

Valentine’s Day week list

We know that couples celebrate this day a week before onwards. They dedicate each and every day to one special day in which they can express their love all through the week.

Valentines Day Dress Code

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