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Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is an agency that implements Aadhar. Aadhar is a unique identity that was given to the residents of India for identification. There are huge benefits to the Indians by implementing this Aadhar card method. These will help you in getting government schemes as per your profile and revenue status. All your data will be handed over to the government through this aadhar card only. Supreme court of India have ordered the commission to link Aadhaar card to every use where Indians provide their identity i.e. in Bank accounts, gas connection, driving license and now voter card. The main reason behind this voter card linking with aadhar process is fraud accounts will get eliminated and government schemes will directly accounted based on your UID number. Collectors of every district have received orders from their officials that eligible citizens of India who have voter ID should do Aadhar card linking. The process has already started in the official website of election commission of India (ECI).

Voter card linking with aadhar

It was fair enough and very good step moved by Supreme Court of India to eliminate ineligible accounts. But the real problem starts with a question on how to link voter card with aadhar? Don’t worry we are here to help you in these crucial and critical times by providing the aadhar card linking process. It was not really a tough move to pass on as all you need is just EPIC card, UID number and your personal mobile number for voter ID aadhar link. Just submit the details in the official website and the process is done. In our website below we have given the complete step by step process on UIDAI with voter ID attachment process. We can expect many doubts to swing in the minds of people about this process so for them we have given complete details about Voter ID aadhar card link. We suggest everyone to immediately link your voter card with aadhar card to avail facilities from the government. The government of India have taken this linking process seriously as they have also developing Voter id aadhar link mobile app. For easy access to the citizens they have created five aadhar card linking seeding which we have illustrated below.

How to link voter card with aadhar

  • Visit the official website or the link which we have provided below.
  • Select one among the five types of enrolment i.e. Self seeding, portal seeding, mobile seeding, SMS seeding, call centre seeding.
  • Upload your Epic card number or voter ID number, aadhar card number (UID) and your particulars.
  • Submit the details and save the verification reply that you have received.

Aadhar card linking process

  • Self seeding: You have to submit your Epic card (Voter card) number, UID (Aadhar) number and your phone number.

To enrol click below Self seeding

  • Portal seeding: Here you have to log in using User ID and password. Inorganic seeding and organic seeding are two types in portal.

To enrol click below Portal seeding

  • Mobile seeding: You can submit your details through online. Government were preparing a mobile application (app) which will be released very soon.
  • SMS based seeding: You can send a message with aadhar card number and epic card number to 08790499899.

Ex: SEEDEPIC [space] [EPIC No] [space] [Aadhaar No] to number 08790499899

  • Call centre seeding: You can call to toll free number 1950 and a call executive will give a reply to your call and you can submit your details.

Aadhar card linking click here

Aadhar card status check online

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